Tips for a healthy back

By October 5, 2011 Strength Training No Comments
  • Visit a course with a competent and knowlegeable instructor on active back prevention even if you just have occasional back aches.
  • Try to sit as less as possible and try to change as often as possible between sitting and walking.
  • Never sit still but move dynamically in your seated position – but not too long.
  • Change every now and then from a seated position to a relaxation position (for example lying on your back with the legs elevated on a chair).
  • Always lift any weighty objects with a straight back and as close to your body as possible and try to distribute the weight evenly.
  • Include regular movement activities into your daily routine (back specific strength and mobility training, walking, jogging, bike riding) and relaxation training to reduce physical and psychological tension.
  • Watch out for repetitive strain doing house work and follow back friendly and functional guidelines when cleaning, cooking, gardening etc.
  • Aim to have a healthy weight – carrying too much weight impacts your spine and increases degeneration processes.