10 best ways to a healthy back

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1. Increase your core (especially deep core) strength & stabilization, do specific core exercises, do Personal Training or participate in a Pilates class.

2. Strengthen and stretch your back muscles

3. Lift & carry correctly – if you are unsure how to, visit an Exercise Physiologist or Personal Trainer

4. Avoid standing on concrete for too long

5. Avoid standing on one leg but make sure to either shift your weight from one side to the other after a little while, or best use both legs to stand on. If you have to stand in one spot for a while make sure to include little breaks of movement.

6. Avoid stress by doing mediation or other relaxing activities that help you to keep any stress away from you.

7. Stay well hydrated, especially if you work physically or in an airconditioned environment.

8. Try to avoid sitting in the same position for too long but rather change it every 5 to 10 minutes.

9. Don’t smoke to stop a possible significant increase in your spinal degeneration.

10. Walk, ride your bicycle & swim whenever possible.