Most effective Bodyweight Exercise for the Gluteaus Maximus

By November 9, 2011 Strength Training No Comments

Bodyweight exercises offer you a great possibility to exercise whenever and wherever you are. To exercise your whole body you liturally do not need anything else besides your own body weight, good technique and body awareness and the necessary knowledge to get the best results from your exercise routine.

The best and most effective bodyweight exercise to work your gluteaus maximus is the single leg bridge with peak contraction.

Lie on your back with your arms on your side. Bring your legs in hip width stand into a 90 degree (or larger = the larger the harder) position on the floor. Lift one leg off the ground an get it in its bend position as close to your body as you can and maintain this position (this will protect your back and help stabilize your hip). From there lift your buttocks into the air so that shoulders, hips and knees are in one line – no rotation through your hips! Once in the lifted position you then start doing peak contractions – dropping the hips just a couple of centimeters down, then lift the hip back up (make sure this is a VERY small movement as this is meant to be a peak contraction!). Start off with 30 seconds than progress from there. The reason why this type of peak contraction is so much more effective is because you engage the muscle in a nearly maximum isometric way. Very important for best activation is the fixation of your body in the positioning, this will lead to a more intensive activation of the muscle.