Its all about the HABIT

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Are you struggeling to achieve your health and fitness goals?

If so then check if you follow the simple but most effective rule of all that will help you gain the results you are after:

Make going to the gym, doing Personal Training or attending excercise classes an ongoing and regular HABIT – don´t approach it with a quick fix attitude but make it become part of your life instead!

The above might sound very trivial to you but majoity of people do the mistake of expecting too much too quick, they train for 2 month and then stop. The common mistake is that people start training too intense too early leaving them feeling sore, overly tired and exhausted which then leads them feeling unmotivated to continue the exercise routine. The problem with too high intensity is that instead of doing something good to your body you can actually injure it as your muscular system can´t deal with the workload and compensates in the passives structures (joints for example). There are also several cardiovascular risks for too high intensity too early in the training routine such as significant increase in blood pressure and overtraining through severe lactic acid accumulation.

Doesn´t sound very healthy does it?

So, starting off easy but steady and gradually increasing the workload throughout your exercise routine aswell as keeping the exercise routine varied and interesting will keep you more motivated and will serve your health much better.

If you establish yourself a regular exercise routine with a minimum of 2-4 training routines per week, nothing can hold you back to achieve your health and fitness ambitions!

In regards to exact training intensity and exercise routine it is advisable to get help from an exercise professional to maximise your training results and to work around your individual considerations.

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