We at Mullum Fitness are happy to be able to offer you a variety of different Group Personal Training sessions. Our indoor sessions are limited to 12 people, guaranteeing high individual attention and maximimum results for each participant.

Why doing Group Personal Training?

The facts are simple:

Exercising is nicer when shared with someone else, or do you like having meals or going to the movies by yourself? Difficult things are easier when shared between two or more people and there are countless other benefits of sharing experiences within a group. When you engage in group personal training you have a built in support system that bestows you with a wealth of encouragement and motivation for continuing with your fitness routines. This can be especially helpful for those days when you just do not feel like exercising -but the group will keep you going. You can return the favor by being a motivator to the others in your personal training group when they need a friendly nudge to continue with exercise programs.

Group personal training could very well save you money as well as training in a group is cheaper whilst still getting alot of personal attention to achieve your individual health goals.

Don´t wait any longer, book for one of our Group Personal Training sessions and increase your physical health, for a healthier, happier you.