Tahlee Jones

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Why did you start training with Mullum Fitness?

I received a referral from my doctor to teach me correct exercise and eating management skills. I was putting weight and exercised which wasn’t working out.

What were your goals for training with Mullum Fitness?

My goals were to lose weigh and understand healthy eating. There is a difference in wanting to lose weight and actually being driven to lose weight. Once you are driven then it becomes a lifestyle change. Wanting to lose weight is something everyone wants to do but once you are driven and you start to see results at Mullum Fitness you do anything to make it happen – thats were the weight loss begins.

How did you feel before starting training with Mullum Fitness?

To begin with I was apprehensive. Walking in I was nervous, in my first class I gave 100% and left barely walking. It took my breath away. Having a trainer that pushes you is an amazing feeling. It wasn’t until I met the staff and found out how compassionate they were towards exercise and the health of their clients that I got addicted. Ever since then I was looking forward to upcoming classes.

How do you feel now after starting training with Mullum Fitness? (compared to before)

I feel I have so much more energy. Wanting to go walking and boxing everyday is something I would never have thought about before. I love now being outdoors and to have the sun shine on me, its a great feeling. I now want to try different sports, instead of doing the same things, to try different things gives me fresh ideas and keeps me interested. If I don’t, the same thing will begin to get boring. I now also try to bring friends along for walks and they now are getting interested in exercising too.

What do you enjoy about Mullum Fitness?

I enjoy the friendly faces and welcoming atmoshpere. The staff are there with smiling faces every time I walk in. I also admire the knowledge and professionalism they obtain. As I often ask plenty of questions there was always an answer that was easy to understand. Karen limits her exercise jargon so I can understand what she is talking about. I also enjoy that Karen took measurements of my body when we first started understanding that as I exercised my body changed. I feel that I lose weight and also see cm’s drop from certain areas. This increases my drive and emphasis on exercise.

What have you gained from your training at Mullum Fitness?

I have lost weight, built muscle and completely changed my eating. I would eat pies and coke for lunch, now I eat salads and drink plenty of water. I have noticed my body change greatly and I have lots more energy now and it is all because of Karen and the staff at Mullum Fitness. Understanding and gaining more knowledge of my own body has helped this transformation.

Would you recommend Mulllum Fitness to a friend? And why?

I would definitely encourage anyone to go to Mullum Fitness even if you are inexperienced or a beginner in the exercise world. The staff can establish an exercise plan for any level. It is a great environment with caring and knowledgeable staff. I would have no trouble at all referring friends to Mullum Fitness.

Tahlee Jones 23.4.2012