The principal of the biological adaption process of the body is called supercompensation. It is the adaption ability of the body, a self-protective phenomenon in order to survive and to enhance its ability to deal with workload put on the muscular system. Our organism reacts to physical load (for example in strength training) with a biological adaptation processes. After exercising a natural fatigue and repair process of the biological status of the body begins and the body starts to recover from the previous workload. This recovery is called the compensation. The adaption to a specific load is followed by a very specific biological reaction. The body adapts differently to specific loads with different adaptation reactions. Taking a triceps extension exercise as an example, if the triceps is trained with a hypertrophy training method its adaption processes (muscle hypertrophy) happen in the muscle group that is doing the majority of work in the specific exercise. The body’s ability to restore its glycogen levels above the baseline of recovery is called Super-compensation which allows us to increase our strength and ability to cope with bigger workloads as our training routine continues. Totally untrained people can sometimes gain adaption processes with as little as 25% (of maximum strength) doing strength training. The more trained a person is and the closer that person is to the individual strength capacity, the higher the work load and work intensity needs to be to be able to gain a supercompensation reaction. With growing strength capacity the steps of further improvement get smaller and small proportional to an increasing training load. To achieve optimum Super-compensation, the timing of your exercise routine is one of the main factors to keep in mind. In an optimum training schedule your next training session should be done immediately after the ideal regeneration = positive adaption (as shown in the picture below).

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