Proprioception can be described as the ability to sense the body´s position. It is part of the so called system of the body which we classify as “Balance” (Balance = proprioception (sense of body position), vestibular input (hearing) and vision). Proprioceptive work is used in the first step of rehabilitation work, it improves the general and local metabolism of muscles and joints. The goal of proprioceptive training is to improve the intracellular oxygen supply of the skeletal muscles. This happens through an increase of mitochondrial capacity as well as an increase in the local energy depots (glycogen). In proprioceptive training one improves the inter-muscular coordination which enables the muscular structure to work more economically. An improvement in proprioception leads therefore also to an increase in general stamina.
Another aspect of proprioceptive bodywork is the optimization of the metabolism in joints and cartilages. The so called bradytrophic training focuses on the re-organization/recovery of injured/unbalanced aspects within the body´s biologic functional systems.