Home Exercise Equipment: Buying or not Buying?

A purchase of any home exercise equipment depends on your commitment to making use of it. In my career of 11 years in the industry I would say around 5% of people using exercise equipment use it regularly, the rest (95%) of the equipment gets dusty in a corner or mostly the garage. What I am trying to say is: Make sure you are 100% confident that you will be using it and it is a rational and realistic buying decision and not a decision based on your goals and the machine advertising it to deliver these goals – you will not achieve these goals if you won’t use the machine.
One other problem is that majority of people do not train correctly on home equipment, be it Vibration technology or exercising with other exercise equipment etc., they often injure themselves or get disillusioned because they do not reach their goals. If you still consider a purchase I would recommend to get an exercise professional to show you correct training technique and best usage of the machine to prevent injury, disappointments and learning most effective and safe exercising.
Ask yourself if you are a strong self-motivator and that you will make use of your machine on a regular and ongoing basis, if you have doubts or have other machines already at home that have been neglegted and unused, check in whether your purchase is a rational or emotion choice.
As a little example and food for thought, if you think of purchasing a machine for $1,500 you could do 100 classes for $15 where you have a set time and an experienced exercise professional ensuring you train safely and effectively.