Why Diets don’t work

By May 30, 2011 Nutrition No Comments

If you are looking for seriously losing weight, please do not go onto a diet!
This might sound strange to you and you might think “but there are so many diets out there, there must be some truth about it, a lot of celebrities do diets, there is diet products out there etc…”. The one big truth about diets is that there is a lot of money making involved in diets and everyone wants to have their say. That’s why you see a new diet coming out every week.
Let’s look at the features of dieting:
– Diets are always designed for a certain amount of time, once the diet is over you stop dieting and then…
– When on a diet you (in most of them) cut the caloric imput from one day to the next dramatically leaving your body in a shock due to the caloric restriction. What happens in immediate caloric restrictions is that the body protect itself and slows the metabolism down (which is the last thing you want to lose weight) to protect itself from not having enough sugars available. Once the diet is over the body stores as much of the again higher caloric nutritional intake preparing itself for the next “diet attack” = the famous jojo effect.
– When dieting you restrict yourself from certain foods for a certain time, always having in mind that it is for a certain amount of time, and afterwards its all good again… it just doesn’t work if you want to seriously change your eating habits long term.
– Most diets start from 0 to 100 without giving the body any adaption time.
– Diets don’t take the individual into consideration in regards to the psychological, physical and mental state but are a generalized “solution for all”.
– Some diets that are not monitored by a professional health practitioner can lead to serious health problems. Nutrition is a very complex science and the effects on your body through restrictions in nutritional intake need to be considered individually and taken seriously. Any quick fix solutions should be approached very sceptically as most of them are either dangerous to your health or at best don’t work longterm.

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