Mullum Fitness Protein Boost @ Lulu’s Cafe

Mullum Fitness Protein Boost:

After visiting Mullum Fitness for a private or small Group Class you can now go next doors to Lulu’s Cafe and get the ultimate 100% natural Post-Workout rehydration, power and vitality drink. The Mullum Fitness Protein Boost provides your body with a complete plant based (sprouted brown rice) amino acid profile, green superfood goodness, antioxidants, natural vitamin C and a high level of hydration through pure coconut water.

Ingredients: Sunwarrior rice protein (natural), Spirulina, Coconut Water, Berrie Mix & Fresh Lime Juice

Our Tip: Have the Mullum Fitness Boost straight after an exercise routine to give your body all it needs to maximise your benefits from your exercise routine. It will stabilise your glucose levels and keeps you satisfied for 2-4 hours (like a powerful little supermeal!).

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to talk to one of our or Lulu’s friendly staff members.